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September 17 Newsletter

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Compass Parent Portal from Term 4


Dear McAuley Families

Compass will be our main platform for communication from Term 4 so we strongly encourage ALL families to please download the app onto your smartphones.  

Compass is where all parents will be able to add attendance notes, communicate with teachers, view calendar for events and much more.  

The portal is accessible via the web (Compass School Search)and the Compass School Manager App (via the App store on your device). Once you have downloaded the App, you will need to:

  1. Search for our school. Type Tumut in the search bar and select McAuley Catholic Central School - Tumut.
  2. You will then be required to type in your username and temporary password which will be emailed to families today. Once you are logged in you will be prompted to change your temporary password. (Please contact the office if you need the information resent). 
  3. Once you have changed your password, you’ll be prompted to confirm you contact details. This is to make sure that all Compass communications are sent to the correct email address/phone number.

Please refer to the attached Compass Parent Portal Guide:

Compass Parent Portal Guide

Eamonn Moore

September 2 Newsletter

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Remote Learning to continue

Dear McAuley Families

You will be aware of media announcements earlier today extending the lockdown in regional NSW until at least 28 August.

That means that the program of Remote Learning will continue this week and next (until Friday 27 August). Students will continue to engage with their teachers and classes as they are at the moment.

The school remains open, with skeleton staff for the children of essential workers and those families with no other option for care and support at home.  Those children access the remote learning platform at school in the same pattern as those at home. We remain committed to keeping our students and staff safe by minimising movement in the community and contact with other people.

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or your child's classroom or subject teachers if you need support.

Mary Our Mother... pray for us.

Eamonn Moore


Dear McAuley Families

As we suspected we entered a quickly called lockdown on Saturday afternoon with the aim of keeping one another safe and free from spreading the COVID-19 Virus.  Worryingly, the Delta Strain seems to spread easily, quickly and to children.  This places an even greater impact on us in the school setting. NSW Health has placed schools at Level 4 (highest level) of restriction. We anticipate at least a two week remote learning period at this time.

The directives from NSW Government and Catholic Education are clear.  We need to minimise our movement in the community and contact with one another. I know this goes against everything our schools are about, but we must make a priority of keeping each other safe, well and healthy.

Teachers are working to refine the plans they had for the possibility of Remote Learning with your sons and daughters at home.  There will be simple communication from the school as we aim not to bombard you all with too much information.

The most important point I want to make is that remote learning is not like “school at home”.  We do not want the pressure of 6 period days or keeping to tight schedules and expectations.  Students will be provided with a variety of activities through MS Teams and Google Classroom and we encourage an “hour on – hour off” pattern and a daily check in with teachers to comply with attendance and legal requirements.

As advised previously, all important communications will be emailed home, rather than posted on Facebook or social media to ensure a clear flow of information that is correct at the time of publication.  Things are changing quickly and I hope that each of our families can keep well and safe.  Should you need any support at all please do not hesitate to contact your child’s classroom or pastoral teacher immediately.

An email outlining processes and expectations along with times to collect learning materials will be sent as soon as all is organised and clear.


gain please do not hesitate to contact us if you need support.

Mary Our Mother… look after us


amonn Moore